Thursday, March 4, 2021

Bret LeBeau - Two Poems


Re: Hypnosophile—(a lover of sleep)
Re: Oneiriphile—(a lover of dreams)
Re: Misosciosis—(a hatred of the waking life)

An avoidance
That beckons you deeper
The deeper you sleep into

This grey-blue cloud.
The darkness
Before birth.

The avid sleeper,
Tireless rider
Saddled upon a broken mare,

Succeeds in life,
A dream-life, rich and blue,
Safe in itself, but not from the waking.

Pain is Like Waking

Eyes open to light and time,
To a world where pain is like waking—
where to be injured,
you have to endure
to be healed,
to be cured,
rolling in convalescent sheets,
your deep bed-must,
ashamed of weakness,
put under by all the medicine,
as to be thumbed into the earth,
into your own grave,
by the heel of a giant
who stares down at you doe-eyed
and never speaks a word of how vulnerable you look,
never admits how glad he is this has happened to you and not him
and hopes he’ll never have to know the pain that you know.

Bret LeBeau is originally from New Orleans. He currently lives in Colombia, SA with his wife and son where he makes a living as a ghostwriter. In 2016 he received an MFA in creative writing from the University of Memphis. 

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