Thursday, March 4, 2021

Dr. Roger Singer - Three Poems

On Meadow Stars       

morning rain,
light and passionate,
a collection of
fluid conversations
the sound divine,
suggesting that
all clouds are
flowers and weeds
share equal beauty,
distracting you
from the absence
of the sun

Passing Silent 
eyes of clouds
watch over me
in the faintest of darkness
or summer shoreline,
on equal or unequal
ground, beneath
the place I stand
while wondering upward
where currents
swirl unnoticed
above me
as I glance
into vapor faces
passing without voice
like dreams
I know
in the invisible

Riverside Café
midnight voices,
sugar words,
dollars and coins
and a soft guitar
filed with
wishes and lies
drifts among
light breezes
lifting spirits
under low lights
where cold beer
and french fries
feed hungry souls

 Dr. Roger G. Singer is the Poet Laureate of Old Lyme, Connecticut.

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