Monday, March 15, 2021

Jack E. Lorts - Three Poems

Ephram Pratt Learns from Silence

were the colors
in the black rainbow
when viewed
from the quark
filling an empty space
in an adjunct
the one with
limited to
the essence of silence,
to numbers so large
of the night
enrolled in courses
to shelter themselves
from voices
emitted by elemental
invisible helices.

Ephram Pratt Endorses a Vagrant Intensity

The daily rule
of obliterating silence
has become
just as expected,
an exercise in
opening and closing,
joining sentences
to word sandwiches
enticed into
a vigilant antipathy,
toward beginnings
and endings,
just a touch of
incendiary loquaciousness
as witnessed by
passersby and
those with voices
reaching into sadness,
into sounds heard
only by a vagrant intensity.

Ephram Pratt Flies Directly into the Wind

Eased into reality
by a fog
centered in
a valley of discontent,
he takes his hands
out of his sleeves
and fixes them into
a swam of swallows
dining in a strand
of discordant reeds
along the river,
hanging discontentedly
from the cacophony
wrapped into
the hives of his navel
bruised and enveloped
like a basket
of swallows
protruding from
a valley of
effervescent eunuchs

Jack E. Lorts poetry appears widely both online & in print media, such places as Haggard and Halloo, The Poetry Village, verse daily, Locust, Chiron Review, Tipton Poetry Journal, Phantom Drift & elsewhere. Author of three earlier chapbooks, his "The Love Songs of Ephram Pratt" appeared from Uttered Chaos Press in 2019.

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