Friday, April 5, 2013

L. L. Kelly - One Poem

Stark Reality 

the memory of
your impatience
with the grim reaper
splattered on the stair way.
New paint and carpet
is no disguise for
such a desperate act.
Etiquette dictates
we must wait our turn.
Budging in line is considered to be
the height of selfishness and rudeness.
In this instance,
with selfishness and impatience
being the cornerstone of our relationship,
I understand your reasons.
I must forgive you.
It seems the soul collector needs an assistant.
His workload has become unmanageable.
Too many suffer, waiting in the queue,
while others are taken too soon.

Lorna Kelly uses the pen name L. L. Kelly, and makes her home in Denver Colorado.  She lives with her daughter and her cat who often unknowingly serve as muse. Lorna has been sharing her poetry on: 

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