Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Jean Amery - One Poem

Speak, Write Say, Hope, Do, Move.

Speak, write say, hope, do, move.
Say there is still something left to fight for.
Write these few lines a sad tribute.
Hope that every second I've spent has not been in vain.

Say, that each day I feel a little stronger.
Write that my convalescence is nearing its end.
Hope that I have enough strength in me to fight again.
Do not fail, do not fall, 

Write that I see myself reborn in that reflection.
Hope that those cold blue eyes will be rekindled with fire.
I do still believe in all of this I swear I do.
Move forward, once more to the barricades.

One more time I will speak,
I will say I crossed the long chasm of despair.
Say I knew there was something on the other side.
Say that there is always more.

Write that I don't have all of the answers. 
Write that my revolt is far from over. 
I have so many days left to live so many fights left in me.
Write these lines down as I feel my heart pump.

And I hope I will keep up the fight.
And I hope that my words will not fall on deaf ears.
And I hope that I am not alone.
And I hope that you have not forgotten who I am.

Jean Améry received a Masters Degree in Arts, in History. He's been previously published on The Cynic Online Magazine.

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