Monday, April 1, 2013

John W. Sexton - Four Poems

Corrugated Sky

gold-winged Garuda ...
thy lime droppings
sterilize the heavens

clinker accumulates
the length of his throat
grey hoarse cumulous

fingernails hammered black …
the corrugated sky
rattles down

House of Un

airplane made of straw …
in the upper skies
he flies asunder

cockerel does his trumpet
in the dawn crack ...
the roof trees shake

from the priest's fingers
a procession of skin-mites
... communion wavers

at the House of Un
in Shoes Without Purpose ...
immortal standing still

nine micrometeor stigmata
... Laika appears
at Fatima

riding a stream
of consciousness ... the

verily a voice
came unto the fishmouse ...
"bibble bibble bibble"


a sinew rope tight
through the grey clouds ... Kiowa braves
haul in the sun

toad he a-courting
pistolled spawn-shot 
his warty toxins a-ha

woked up dis mornin
Mista Saytin …
E Lee's Nomerica


the circus of Dr Now …
wings of hair
plume the perfect plummet

the x-ray cows
go oom …
sunflower nova

drowned sailors absorbed
by the ice shelf... now
the fathoms fathomable

that acid tongue  ...
sulphuric rains

an egg with two yolks ...
Issa and his shadow
eat their light and dim meals

does darkness age? …
faint yet
the stars in twilight

John W. Sexton lives in the Republic of Ireland and is the author of four previous poetry collections, the most recent being Vortex (Doghouse, 2005) and Petit Mal (Revival Press, 2009). His fifth collection, The Offspring of the Moon, is due from Salmon Poetry in spring 2013. In 2007 he was awarded a Patrick and Katherine Kavanagh Fellowship in Poetry.

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