Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nicole Taylor - One Poem

At Paulann’s Party
Large b/w of Janis Joplin
in entry.
In small office -
photos with Stafford.
framed writings of
well-known locals,
framed trees through windows,
introducing passing clouds as
a phrase or poem begins.
Eleanor reads “Green November”
in wet February
Lois reads “Pigeons”
to old, young birds.
A few others read
Host Paulann invites us to
Sample something
as in Turkish tradition.
Many delicious desserts –
Petit fours,
Pudding cups, …
Admiring similar European furniture,
cabinets, glass,
to my family.
Admiring colorful Eastern art,
nudes, stippled hands
feeling powers
in these words,
in these crowds.
Nicole Taylor currently has many hopeful projects, a variety of styles and a wide variety of subjects. She has many hopeful projects and no MFA's. Nicole has been published and winning locally in Oregon. She is an artist, a dancer, a hiker and a volunteer. She blogs at http:/

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