Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ali Znaidi - Two Poems

A Sketch of Hope
That emotion, whatever,
shakes the cave of the mind:
Flashes of chasms,
refraction, involving a parade of cracks
carrying view more than vision,
random occurrences, thoughts,
and withering foliage
teeming w/ tiny microscopic worms.
The sublime rainbow stretches the horizon,
rejoicing in the expansiveness of the sky.
The cave is trying to gather up its bits
in a ritual similar to the ebb & tide.
& in the end the rainbow comes rich as
an outlet, a relief.
Rainbow. I rejoice in the miscellaneous colours/
Rainbow/ must mean something/ as there are
many paintings of rainbow/
Rainbow is brilliantly coloured/ I mean/prismatic/
Rainbow. [A pictorial metaphor]
All errant colours meet/
from afar the sky/
Rainbow/is/ a bait/
Something is always luring/or disgusting/
Life is a rainbow/And all colours count/
Even/shades/of the same colour/ count/
Colours/crawl/from afar the sky/
We are not but [slaves] of colours/
fettered/trammeled by fate/I mean colours/
too many colours/an encumbering/reality
stories & silence/different shades of rainbow
a breath/into our lives/
Rainbow/is not just a painting in the sky.
Ali Znaidi lives in Redeyef, Tunisia. He graduated with a BA in Anglo-American Studies in 2002. He teaches English at Tunisian public secondary schools. He writes poetry and has an interest in literature, languages, and literary translations. His work has appeared in The Bamboo Forest, The Camel Saloon, phantom kangaroo, BoySlut,, Otoliths, Dead Snakes, Speech Therapy Poetry Zine, streetcake magazine, The Rusty Nail, Yes,Poetry, and Mad Swirl, and is upcoming in other ezines. He also writes flash fiction for the Six Sentence Social Network—

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