Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Timothy Pilgrim - One Poem

Traitor Joe
Be assured, not an easy task, even aided
by fine wine, a Cote de Rhone --
in fact, I did not actually plant the wheat, 
grind flour, sift it, grow greens,
force-feed geese,  take their livers, 
make Foie gras from scratch,
hor d'oeuvre served with Cornichons
prior to our main course, Coq au vin, 
for which I had hunted  mushrooms, 
slaughtered hogs, killed my cock.
I did, however, drive the Porsche
to a trendy market, spend much time,
find these delicacies, endure checkout,
pass it all off to you as mine.
Timothy Pilgrim,  a Pacific Northwest poet  in journals such as Windfall, Cirque and Carcinogenic Poetry, is co-author of Bellingham poems (2014) and included in Idaho's Poets: A Centennial Anthology (University of Idaho Press), and Tribute to Orpheus II (Kearney Street Books).

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