Tuesday, June 23, 2015

John Attah - Two Poems

Heal These Bones

Heal these bones that lie on this valley
Where the cloud gathers
Where the rains fall
And thunder barks the testimony back to heaven
Lift them up like the bronze serpent
And let there be flesh in this valley of bones
For bones are not for eating
The flesh is the beauty hiding the bones
Free and heal these bones.

Whisper Slowly Into Those Ears

Whisper slowly into those ears
The ears that listen less
And listen as the mouth proclaims
All it has heard, true and untrue
For out of proportion, the words will flow
And the tap of oratory unfixed
While the lips churn out words
Words that bear no meanings
Words that ears prefer to take
To listen to and be merry
Let this whisper still be slow
The ears still listen less.

Ojonugwa John Attah is a Nigerian poet and short story writer. He also loves taking photos of nature and writing songs as well as messages. His poems have been published online and in print.


  1. Attah John Ojonugwa... is a cherished classmate! G-man, I love these poems!

  2. Daikwo Emmanuel, I want to say how thankful I am for your kind words. I am indeed humbled.