Saturday, April 25, 2015

Chris D'Errico - One Poem

Vegas Rules
So you can afford to play
Tangle with one-armed bandits
You can wager you can skid
In khaki shorts and beige sandals
Cocktails cocktails cocktails
Cashier looks like an 80s Madonna
Green felt game boards
Waistlines in grey sweatpants
Dealt a suit of red diamonds
Though you can’t smoke in the lobby
Go all in for a good time
The odds are subject to change
Here’s a ticket for the buffet
Grilled fried baked or boiled
Can’t get that in Kansas
Where sidewalks roll up at 8 pm
Blank-pocketed weekenders
Eyes open to the cause of the night
Starved by clock-less casinos
Viva the dream / the desert getaway
But then Las Vegas is the night
The day is a Band-Aid
Stuck on the boulevard
You could lose your job in a jiffy
A job that has a stack of applicants
Many probably needing the money
Way more than you / you sucker
Someone jumps to his or her death
From a 6th floor parking lot
It’s reported as a suicide
In Las Vegas it’s reported
As the reason traffic’s luck has tanked
To a cautious slow-roll
And then caution breaks wind
That cheesy guy in a funny sombrero LOL
Silver granny with her oxygen tank
Sonny in his plastic visor
How dumb fun is transformative
There is spirit and there are curses
Cocktails cocktails cocktails
Cause/effect and natural selection
I-15 backed is up for miles
A motorcycle accident
It’s a fatality
But it’s not a motorcycle accident
It’s a guy who owes child support
AWOL he thought he was unbeatable
Eye open to the cause of the night
All bluster and denial
Chris D'Errico writes and plays music. He has worked as a short order cook, a doorman, a neon sign-maker's helper, and an exterminator, among other vocational adventures. He has two poetry collections published by Virgogray Press: “Vegas Implosions” and “Ministry Of Kybosh.” Born in Worcester, Massachusetts, he lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, with his wife and a small clowder of house cats. For more, visit

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