Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Marcie Eanes - One Poem

Reclaiming Myself

I stand fearless
Shunning narrow definitions
not of my choosing
Now means 
no more excuses
or hiding from truths
Freeing myself
from draining relationships
that left me
shattered and alone
Approval's fickle permission
not needed
from those who condemn;
secretly plotting my downfall
in days, hours minutes.....

Tattered heart 
ways to repair 
 jagged gashes
Mornings bring
with every new discovery;
Confidence guides imperfect
into riches
far greater than money;
Uncovering mirrors
hiding beautiful me
Resting  soundly
after actions completed
 in  unrestricted life
when courage awakened

Marcie Eanes is an independent journalist and poet. A resident of Racine, Wisconsin, Marcie travels frequently to share her work with others. A four-time published poet in di-verse-city, the official anthology of the Austin International Poetry Festival (AIPF), Marcie is a published poet in her right. Her books Sensual Sounds, Passion's Zest and Cameo can be found on or

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