Thursday, July 31, 2014

David S. Pointer - One Poem

Beat Writers of Humanity Remembrance

Kerouac must have heard the atomic bomb as it was being bottle fed leading to his honorary double speaking medically discharged conscientious objector-type exit-special from the Navy

Ginsberg may have tossed and flopped as the civilian bombing campaign caught inextinguishable fire and his inner spirit started to howl

Burroughs kept hallucinating horses fitted with antiquated gas masks galloping over the globe into mechanized armor

Corso was excited about his new life until he heard what American bombers were doing in North Korea

Kerouac though about how undercover economic thinking pulled a lot of triggers all the way to Viet Nam

Ginsberg saw the best superpowers of his generation being manipulated by high money and political madness destroying others both foreign and domestic

Burroughs kept hallucinating the asylum self-examination mirror as expanded global empire

Corso watched banana clips morph into aerial bombs then fall to earth as thirsty field embalming machines

Ginsberg sadly saw his generation bury Kerouac and then later witnessed Nixon and Kissinger flying to China giving away more than they ever got

Burroughs kept hallucinating that damned 3rd rate actor, Ronald Reagan as our President, and resumed his target practice

Corso saw the AK-47 multiply like hubcaps and join all the American and other international armament around the constant reloading process

Ginsberg saw American Star Wars declaring victory as Russia remained silent sitting atop their untapped geographical and geological goldmine waiting for future technology to catch up

Ferlinghetti said goodbye to some of the greatest literary minds of his generation

Ferlinghetti knew that Kerouac was holy. Ginsberg was holy. Burroughs was holy. Corso was holy. The academic English Professor getting paid and well awarded for his/her silence was holy. The stalker-murder victim David Kammerer was holy. Lucian Carr was holy. Burroughs deceased wife was holy. The small press was holy.

Ferlinghetti passed the generational literary torch to the post beat generation because they were sacred, blessed and holy, and ongoing war wasn’t.

David S. Pointer has recent work included in Volumes V & VI of the Southern Poetry Anthology Series for the states of Georgia and Tennessee. He also has work included in Indiana Crime 2013, at James Ward Kirk Fiction and Noir Erasure Poetry Anthology at Silver Birch Press. 

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