Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Subhankar Das - One Poem


There is this butterfly in my room
And I don’t know how to deal with it.
It is never easy with butterflies.

Should I just lie down on my back and watch it?
Should I put up some sugar water in a bowl for it?
Should I chase it out of my room?
or should I just eat it up
or kill it and stick it up on my fridge
to appreciate the colors
whenever I want
licking those colors up
ever so slowly and let the honey linger
on my tounge.

Subhankar Das is a writer, publisher and film producer living in Kolkata, India. His latest collection of poems is By the Banks of the Ajoy, Jaideb Vanishes into the Blue (Virgogray Press, 2012).  He has translated Allen Ginsberg’s Howl into Bangla and is the editor of The Stark Electric Space: an anthology of international experimental writing.  He has produced six short films and owns a bookstore.

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