Monday, June 18, 2012

Billy Harfosh - Four Poems

Sadistic Complacency

Steel eyes fixed
Melted and molded into secret sadistic complacency
The incense stick is on its final inch
With no extinguish in sight

Mechanical eyes fixed on the burning flame
Wading down the Mekong sipping opium tea
The otter swims back and forth playing to the cameras
At the Burnett Park Zoo
Lap after lap
Waving to the onlookers
She goes mad

Robotic eyes react to their surroundings
Robotic movements
Robotic responses
Melted and molded into sadistic complacency

Automated eyes drowned beneath time
Glass splashed crashed about the freeway
The sirens ring in the distance
As the flame sputters to silence
and you wish you could have done it a different way

Tell All

You ask what’s in my head
You can’t fathom
The rabid foam and empty conscience
You can’t comprehend my insecurities
Trust my alter ego
Evil minds weaken
Black dog begging for shelter
The boat will rock and roll
Never capsizes
and we’re back to steady

Hollywood Horace

The man with the crooked cap talks a big game
Neeeeeew Yoooork Cittttty!
Gee wow golly gee gosh
Well, ill be damned
Slappin knees
Hollywood Horace
Self professed big wig spender
Ain’t that a trip across drug carteled Cambodia
Slanderous promises revoked
Heads hung high on street signs
Rusted from within
and Hollywood Horace orders more champagne 

Posed and Confused

Copy cat cowards
Listen and gesture
The same as the chosen few
Talk the same
Walk with a slow limp
Laugh at the exact moment together
To get into the crowd
The Missouri butterflies regress to caterpillars larva
Chained together arm and arm
Retro cool
Trying so hard to be them
Trying to get to heaven
The worshiped still inspire
The crowds follow
Plain face turned vibrant
Trained to lead
Told to follow
The program persists
(insert official definition of insanity here)
I’ve said enough
Dug the deep hole
The end

Billy Harfosh currently lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Billy was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1985 during the Lebanese civil war.  For the last year Billy has been writing in Southeast Asia.  You can find his latest work published in Ardent! Poetry Journal and Bewildering Stories Magazine.

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