Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Gorakhnath Gangene - One Poem


A pebble washed out of the sea
lay exposed in the sand and trees
The beach- goers throng
tread on the pebble all day long
Sunrays hitting her sharp
pebble’s missing the sea’s gentle lap
days come and evenings fall
pebble’s longings deep and strong
For she yearns to return into the sea
wanting it’s cooling pats
She loves the warmth of it
the showers she takes in its soothing breeze.
Stray dogs spray her
children toss and throw her
sometimes she’s buried under the motor car
or climbs the body of a tourist who sunbathes
She stares at the sea
makes plea after plea
hug me…. cuddle me
don’t inflict this insult and forsake me
The mighty sea heeded not pebble’s desperate calls
Pebble doesn’t give up at all
scores of years pass, all her shine gone
Pebble’s thirsty …. still lusty, awaiting her lover’s call.
She is now far…. so far off from the sea
sits in the water receiving a colourful fountain’s fall
for she beautifies an artificial water pond
in the shopping mall
Her tears are not seen in the pond water
shoppers say….look,
the pebble glitters
in the lights and water.

Gorakhnath Gangane works as an English Language Instructor at University of Jazan, Saudi Arabia. Gorakhnath has five of poems published in online poetry magazines and paperback form. Gorankhnath takes great interest in English Literature, especially the romantic poetry of William Wordsworth, Coleridge, John Keats, Lord Byron and Shelly.

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