Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Michael Keel - One Poem


The sun beats down on the Danube, with Freckles of white glaring
Castle hill peaked, an arm crossing its body, ants passing and staring

Children flying over new grass, a dog content and smiling
Basking in the suns glow, grandly warm, wise and beguiling

Breathing in deeply, flowers in the air, seafood in the distance
Foreign dog, new friend, pastry, utmost persistence

Lighting a smoke, taking note, once again in my journal
A moment soon gone, work, no play, nothing is eternal

What was once today is now yesterday, cafes line the river
The sun getting tired, his eyes slowly close, I feel a slight shiver

My espresso cup rests, empty now, a small growl below me
My little friend, all sweet things end, another tourist, another pastry

Michael Keel is a 34 years old and currently freelances for a few magazines with articles covering food, wine and local businesses in Northern California and is working on two other books.


  1. Thank you for posting, one of my more "simpler" "straight forward" poems. Cheers, and thanks again.

  2. A peaceful and visual poem, thanks for sending ;-)