Friday, November 11, 2011

Austin Cunningham - Two Poems

Football Kid

I only met him
a couple of times

I was really just friends
with his sister

and last night
he jumped off
the bridge on Mooresville
and Cary Parkway.
and we all felt sad

he was one of the football kids
had a lot of friends

and yeah, I sort of thought he was a dick

and yeah, he stole my friend’s bong

but I really wish he hadn’t done that

Ok Ok

i liked to think of you as god
and i loved you
like one loves their house
as it burns to the ground
or road kill
swept to the side
of the highway

we were being dismantled
our joints
removed and sold as spare parts
our brains
deemed as broken beyond repair

so we decomposed
in the junkyard
i became the roots of a tree
you became the worms

Austin Cunningham is a 17 year old writer from Raleigh, North Carolina. He's been published in Sleet Magazine, MediaVirus Magazine and The Scrambler Magazine. He will be attending UNC Asheville, and plays and records music.

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  1. Writing this well at age 17 augurs well for the future. One has to hope Austin Cunningham keeps reading the best poets and writing like a madman, saving first drafts and polishing them until he knows he can't make them any better, then sending them out to editors who may or may not respond to his best efforts. Besides, he has a great name for a poet.