Saturday, August 20, 2011

Michael Aaron Casares - Two Poems

New Love, New Love

There is a radiance shining in
further above than the atmosphere
distant across this hemisphere,
encircling north and south in golden love.
Halo hue effervesce a sparkling dew
a radiance seen by stars and spheres
approaching, sitting and leaving.
I and fifty radiant beings
hands in lap and stems stretched high
ascending with each other, waiting patient
as we do for the rightful hand that belongs to you
to join us by our side. No distance like the distance
that parts our eyes from each other; no distance like
the space that puts us face to face--
another time, another place, another flowering dimension
stretched vast across the ether of time and no time;
present in this moment, a warming in your heart.


I come across this information;
for everything a time, a place.
Even in my misdirection
when I walked off my path
this detour manifested
to show me something I didn't know,
to help me learn and understand
or distract my universal flow;
all things meant to be meant to be,
for everything a place,
a time to grow within this knowledge,
to grow without false truths.
I'm allowed to understand things
thousands will not understand,
will not take the time to try and comprehend.
Create this thing called reality,
not alone as realities go.
Shaping visions into flesh,
shaping dreams right from the bone;
this simple knowledge I've been given to reflect
the paths I've never known, or have forsaken
with choices lacking balance,
selfish arrows of deceit,
weighed by deeper forces
lower pitched in frequency.
Energy that pulled me down
until my soul was compromised,
surrendering to a negative light,
unraveling cold with lack of love
that could spiral through and from my heart.
Problems lost of moderation,
scales erect tip not imbalance,
a feather here, a feather there;
the weight of words activate the living--
tones of voice, context, meaning
all within the souls expression.
Learning once again the living,
as peace and harmony are giving
life a second and third chance,
to light the path and find the way
as we enter our cosmic day
and ascend with one another,
destined met to meet together,
merged of spirit and heart.

Michael Aaron Casares edits Carcinogenic Poetry. He is the author of This Reality of Man, a new collection of poetry from Lizard's Tale Press. Purchase online at Amazon, B&N, or request it at your local bookstore. Also available on ipad and ipod touch through iBooks. Michael's work has appeared in several anthologies and journals throughout the Internet and in print publications.


  1. New Love, New Love, is excellent - excellent images and the joy of wanting and waiting.

    Re-Awakened, is awe-making. What a worldview. I totally agree with it. Very wise.

  2. Thank you, Susan. I appreciate that :-)

    I haven't been so writerly as editorly lately, "New Love, New Love" is a new poem... and, as you know, "Re-Awakened" is from This Reality of Man and was written in 2009, I believe.

    Be well. Stay well.