Friday, August 19, 2011

Louis Marvin - Three Poems

Buddhist Temple

right across from China town
don't pick the flowers or fruit

you can burn ancestral $ and incense to boot
in the shadow of the botanical gardens
next to the sick flowing stream
the Chinese girls burn and pray
a Buddha dream
when life jumps track
when we are wracked
it's not what we want
we head to the Buddha temple
return to monk's haunt
the girls lit the incense stick
old man lays down some fruit
I'm sitting under leafy tree, while they get down to the root

these problems float away on smoke
in prayers north, south, east and west
a donation would help too
as we put the demons to rest


Talk about hard workers. Devils have the greatest work ethics. There are lots and lots of souls to harvest.

This is the story of a devil who was on a much needed vacation. He went to Hawaii. There, stumbling drunk one night in his human guise, he felt such a strong pull. He felt like jumping out of his human skin and harvesting. He looked up and found himself standing in front of a church. What?

The next day, sober as a little old lady, he made a walking church tour in Honolulu.

Each church was like a mine filled with precious metals and gems. He was a miner for a black heart and decayed soul. The churches were teaming with them.

So began his walking church tour, where his vacation turned to serious, hard work. He had shades and blue Hawaii drinks. Nice.


We have a history here of ghosts who had oppressed the Hawaiian people. A history of those praying while laying waste to the histories and cultures of their fellow man.

This one really felt like big business church, as it had cameras and a campus like feel. A gold mine for a determined devil. Step in and soak up the feeling.

I will return, for like night to day, devil to angel, and quick and dead, there is the good, good, good here at Central Union. Hell, we saw a wedding from afar just today. I'll be back.

Louis Marvin is Burbank born, Phoenix raised, and Honolulu loving.

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