Friday, May 13, 2011

David S. Pointer - Three Poems

Mistaken Identity

If Barack Obama
were the new Abe
Lincoln he’d end
wage slavery,
plus save the Unions,
then ask employers
to give workers the
pay, the whole pay,
and nothing but the
pay instead of using
his powers of oratory
to prop up elitists
engaging in silent
global emaciation
proclamations known
as the business of war

Climbing Towards Descent

The economic air pirates
all in planes the color

of blueberry whiskey cake
flying over the divine right

of bullets and bombs to aid
in the pre-beautification

decimation droppings, and
the ever unfound world

peace beneath each
international pounce

Lighting Devices

If international
economics were
simply an inverted
dome or an 8-arm
chandelier with an
armed maintenance
team and darkness
scattering services
under a silver plated
canopy with beautiful
opaline shades, I’d
go ahead and explain
the way money really
works to the curious
guy at the bar, but he
only knows coal miner
lights, yet he knows
the whole lamp of
the little guy and
we all listen hard

David S. Pointer has poems forthcoming in "Ottawa Arts Journal," "Midwestern Gothic," and "Gutter Eloquence". He currently lives in Murfreesboro, TN.

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