Monday, April 4, 2011

Michael Aaron Casares - Two Poems

Fragment III

Egypt’s call for peace,
in resignation, a face of new
revolutions, resolutions
with no clue
there could be peace
there could be war.
Be weary, or wise
be happy in your strengths
for you are power, sovereign
in your ancient spirits
and we are watching
praying peace stop dead
the pranksters and men of wealth
toying needless with our experience
at our expense.


Fragment IV

Mubarak dead like Nasser,
the people of the world are happy,
one less Saddham, one more head upon a platter.
I treat others the way they treat me, says the bum
on the street I had walked into one night anxious and angry
as the bus had left me behind. An eye for an eye—
the ancient pretext to an unevolved spirit. NO self-realization,
truly animal, in the flesh, the conscious does not shine.
A military coupe, can’t you see. A grievous army fills a dictator’s shoes
of vanished feet and vanished person, and no corporate media telecaster
the wiser and definitely not interested. A military coupe.


Michael Aaron Casares lives in Austin, TX. He is the tip of the spear at Virgogray Press and also edits this blog. His new book, This Reality of Man (Lizard's Tale Press), was recently published and will soon be available through major distribution channels.

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