Friday, March 25, 2011

Corin Arenas - One Poem


I saw the makings of a ghost
And perhaps what it meant

To fade. Among the living, they are all
Dying. Their days slipping into routine:
Urgency during most mornings

And the slowness evenings take
To fill the hunger lurking within.

The dark often cancels gray shades.
I heard them conversing with shadows,
Take their closest friends for strangers

And leave without a sound, untraced.
They insist on different visions

Existing only in memory
Studying their faces in the mirror
Gazing back now and then

Catching glimpses. The imprint
Of fingers, the strand of a hand.

Corin Arenas finished her AB Communication Arts and majored in Advertising. She is currently an online copywriter for a BPO in Makati, Philippines. She plans on taking her master's degree in creative writing this year, if destiny permits. Some of her old works and published articles can be read on her personal blog,

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