Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Austin Alexis - One Poem

Advice Before Surgery

You tell him how
at first it will seem
a game: blackjacks, say.
He'll ready himself,
not worried about the outcome.
Then you will explain
how he'll cry
five months after the operation
and will think he's weeping
for the family dog
hit by a car decades ago.
Further along, he'll believe
he's shedding tears over
the death of a relative
he barely knew.
Finally, drenched in the shadow,
the stain of an eclipse
he can't escape,
he'll realize the magnitude
of what he's been through
and his grief
will seem inadequate
and your map
will have no relevancy
for his journey.

Austin Alexis has published poems in Barrow Street, The Journal, Mobius (forthcoming), Dance Macabre, The Pedestal Magazine and elsewhere. His chapbook, For Lincoln & Other Poems (Poets Wear Prada Press), was named a May/June "Pick of the Month" by Small Press Review. His fiction recently appeared in Rusty Typer.

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