Friday, July 16, 2010

Saberi Roy - Two Poems


You are a fatal flaw of the lines drawn
The love deep and riveting, sequential and subconscious
Expressions are wide open doors of codes
The dangers are still seething in the veins
Wild possessed, power within the tongues of love
Your heart in my fingers, tracking the bubbles of that
which plague your mind. Whispers. Bottom up sex
and licked fingers. Tear those threads and jump in the darkness.

Corners of Reason

Tetra and the square, do they fit into the circles?
forming the froth on which you lie half awake
the elongations of the soul, punctured in subjectivity
the rectangular art of imprisoned canvas, there are different ways
and you wonder how knowledge broke your innocence
so you wait through the paradox and the madness
crushing the symbols under your feet
your art of love captures the meaninglessness of dissected desire.

Saberi Roy is a poet/analyst/political commentator/psychologist and along with poetry she writes on politics, philosophy, religion, psychology, and human rights. She is writing an ongoing Psychology series and her political columns are published in many journals.

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