Thursday, January 4, 2024

Bobby "Z" Zielinski - Two Poems

Who Are We #2

The time has come.

The time has gone.

Dreams of yesterday’s

fade away through the years.


What could have been,

if not for what has occurred.

Given a chance

would we have succeeded.


Going through life dreaming.

Was it easier being what we have been,

instead of being

what we could have been?

To be what we could have been.

Instead of being what we should have been.

Did we try to be what we were meant to be?

Or did we just become what we did not want to be?

Mentors and Surrogates along the way.

Wanting us to be what they have been.

Attempting to prevent us from becoming

what we wanted to be.

To be what we wanted to be

meant not being what we were meant to be.

Preventing us from becoming what we should have been.

Becoming someone who became someone we were not meant to be.

So to be what we want to be.

Meant not becoming what we were meant to be.

Or what others wanted us to be.

Then who are we?

Sit and wonder what

it would have been

to be someone else.

Instead of being what we have been.


We walk thru the ashes of days gone by,

searching for remnants of who we are.

We see a shadow upon a wall,

a blurred vision of forgotten years.

Faded memories that fail to appear,

erased forever, lost in time.

Who we were and who we are

were lost forever in the bowels of time.

Visions that reflect moments

of times never had.

Rescinds all your desires

to review your past.

So why must it be that we're always filled with regret,

searching for memories of who we are.

BOBBY "Z" Zielinski is an 82-year-old veteran, original Jersey City 50's Bad Boy High School Drop Out and author of Friday Night at the Bucket of Blood

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