Thursday, August 24, 2023

Clive Gresswell - Two Poems

 Gypsy Hymns

junk heart stakes out

gentle malnutrition

seedlings posing perpendicular prosody

across choppy sea disasters

as gesticulating bureaucrats

wander deserts & gypsy

hymns decline

racial origin

forceful adjectives

hasten to kaleidoscopic horizons

traces on the shoreline

passing scoundrels declare

gaping wounds of love

then whisked off by

amateur chauffeurs

each with splendid haircuts

from 1958 movies

& delicate bone structures

carve intimate knowledge

across these cracks of desire


locks of industrialized


handfuls torn from cancer cells

deep in the heart of sleeping

beauty fades around corners

time for chatter at hairdressers’ bidding

staying awake the byword

seeing fleeing snakes

& charmers

trampling society’s murk

& desperate dust

waterholes receding

reflecting camel tempers


darkness captures

the misinformation highway

straight from the ministers’ mouths


Clive is a 65-year-old innovative writer and poet connected to the London-based poetry group Writer's Forum. He has been published in many magazines and released five poetry books. His 16,000 word prose poem Shadow Reel is published early July and obtainable through Amazon or the publisher.

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