Sunday, December 3, 2017

G. Emil Reutter - Two Poems

High Pants and Roses

I found him one day bent at the
waist laying in the rose bed on the
corner and I thought he was dead
his pants rode high almost to his
chest and his Velcro sneakers were
undone, his glasses sideways on his
face. He had to be eighty and I
thought he had a heart attack so I
called 911 and when the EMT’s
arrived, they laughed, they knew
him, they knew he was drunk. I
saw him the next day smoking a
cheap cigar on a bench in the park
and asked how he was, he said life
sucks that his wife died a year back
and he had no one, that he drank
every day in the hope he would not
wake up the next, but he always did
He stood, headed to the bar to give
it another try.


As dusk settles in, a conspiracy of sooty
ravens fly overhead, cat birds and sparrows
disappear quietly into the fall foliage of bushes
and evergreens, warrens of rabbits hide in
burrow, squirrels shake in tree top drey.
Pairs of ravens glide atop fence lines, dogs
are brought inside. As darkness falls, full
moon lights the sky, ghastly echoing croaks
fill the neighborhood as they feast on a meal.
An eerie quiet descends as the conspiracy
stretches across the sky on relaxed flowing
wingbeats back-lit by the moon.

G. Emil Reutter is a writer of stories and poems. Nine collections of his poetry and fiction have been published. He can be found at:

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