Thursday, September 7, 2017

J.J. Campbell - Five Poems

Staring Off Into the Distance


staring off
into the distance
that will never
accept a dreamer

a person who
doesn’t want to
be filthy rich
or loved by
the masses

i first thought
of ending my
life when i was
8 years old

and people act
surprised when
they find out

i didn’t have a
happy childhood
or a good relationship
with my father

i laugh,

i’m more suspicious
of those who did

All You Will Ever Need

shine a light
into the eyes
of a tortured

the blank and
hollow void
is all you will
ever need

not everyone
can just roll
with the

for some

one tragedy is
one too many

Dances With Temptation

this broken soul

battered in the
neon twilight of
someone’s fucked
up dream

an old janis joplin
song playing in
the distance

welcome to the

here’s your needle
and your spoon

climb off your cross
and embrace your

too many dances
with temptation

are why you’re
here to begin with

what’s just one

The Goddess and the Poet

the soft sunshine
right before dark

a little bit of sweat
on the curve of the
back of the woman
that doesn’t fully
understand what
her future holds

one day she’ll
realize the poet
was the one that
never wavered
and always
stayed true

just how patient
he remains while
the endless boys
of summer take
their turn is
another reality
upon itself

some souls never
feel more alone
than when in a
crowded room


the goddess
finds the poet
long before that
burden takes

All the Odds Stacked Against You

watching old videos
of david bowie

genius is dripping
from the ceiling
once again

laugh in the face
of all the odds
stacked against

crazy has
more than they
will ever give
it credit for

dance in the neon
joy of knowing
your soul has
yet to be stuffed
away in a box
in the ground

our deaths will
be a spectacle to
light up the night

lightning to let
a little boy out
there know

mystery is still
just beyond the

J.J. Campbell (1976 - ?) was raised by wolves and is now trapped in suburbia. He's been widely published over the years, most recently at In Between Hangovers, Yellow Mama, Sentinel Literary Quarterly, Winedrunk Sidewalk and Midnight Lane Boutique. You can find him most days on his highly entertaining blog, evil delights. (http://evildelights.blogspot,com)

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