Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Ivan Jenson - Two Poems

Last Hail Mary

I have a firm belief
that having flimsy morals
will only cause 
a person to 
fluctuate between 
saint and sinner
thus resulting 
in them only injecting 
small amounts
of the opiate 
of the steeple people
and so their faith 
will be tested
by a series of gritty 
secular sequences 
of harsh reality 
and they won’t know
what nation 
or denomination 
they belong to 
which will result in 
a bitter aftertaste 
in the afterlife 
and stained 
pearly whites
at the pearly gates 
when they half-smile
as death's dessert 
is served up  
by the ultimate 
short-order-cook guy…
and it will be
heavenly homemade 
pie in the sky 

Positively Negative 

Kind or unkind 
seem to be all 
I can remember 
be it the unexpected
compliment spoken
which had
the butterfly effect 
of silencing the 
negative self-talker
that never has my back
or the cruelty 
dished out and disguised
as constructive 
that has been 
festering inside me
pestering me to 
give up believing in
this hyper-sensitive 
and frightfully-fragile 
that only I 
can call

Ivan Jenson, a celebrated Pop artist of New York City, moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan where he experienced success as a published poet and novelist. Ivan has over 600 poems published internationally, online and in print, as well as a book of poems and four novels. Ivan Jenson’s new novel Gypsies of New Rochelle, a comic family saga circa 1980, has been published as a paperback and eBook by Michelkin Publishing. 

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