Thursday, July 27, 2017

Rich Murphy - Two Poems

Snap Shot for Zoe
At the factory for consent,
the friendly-fire in false flags
rolls in war-fog banks to confuse
human shields without credit.

The production-line workers
from state to stage sing and pounce
to keep voters off the streets
to keep feudal walls futile.

Unfurled on both sides,
collateral damage waves
at the conveyor belt that swaggers
this way and that for engineers.

Filled with emotion dressed in reason,
pitch men greet alongside store shelved
promises that whistle and explode
with fantasy for bargain hunters.

Stick-pinned cities on a map
numb for empire reaching,
until Operation What Next stuns
within dominion and truncates.

Yours = Mine
When marketeers data-mine,
the innumerable veins, arteries,
and corpuscles respond only to kleśas,
so the pitchmen drill to confuse, alarm.
Cages jolt and helmet lamps blink
to morph senses into cents.
Without a scent, the inexperienced
money bag sits in shopping carts,
where eye-level jingles cry.
The intersection that negotiates
the esophagus and bowels flutter
with a thousand canaries
that drop into the sump.
The central nervous system
recovers only when the target
has been emptied: A lambskin
purse turned inside out.
A buck in the cross hairs:
A religious experience.
Gallows timbers witness.
To close a mind to plugs, hype,
and deposit raiders provokes
according to the mountain movers,
Bill Board and Buzz Ward.
How many lotus positions
hang in effigy at the breakfast table?
Decapitators move in next door
to brand a back side or go viral.
Dopamine fixes rage through frontal lobes,
while episodic memory occupies in the cortex,
conducting for a sympathy across synapses.
Stripped to acid runoff and tailing mud,
the barren shopper arrives at the landfill.

Rich Murphy’s credits include books Body Politic 2017 by Prolific Press; Americana won Prize Americana 2013, his third book, published by The Institute for American Studies and Popular CultureVoyeur, the 2008 Gival Press Poetry Award (Gival Press); and The Apple in the Monkey Tree 2007 (Codhill Press). The poems published here are included in book manuscript Minds of Europe: A Gen.ealogy to The Fat ManIn December, 2016, it was selected as a Beverly Prize short list finalist at Eyewear Publishing. 

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