Thursday, September 8, 2016

Charlotte Ozment - One Poem

Flood Waters

What’s that old saying?
water under the bridge....

It’s supposed to mean
what's in the past
is past
no problem
don't worry
it's gone, over,

But have you ever
looked under a bridge?
I mean, have you ever
taken the time
to jump over that railing,
slide down the embankment,
crawl under and around
those cement pillars?

Debris, flotsam,
logs, refrigerators,
dead animals....

Now you tell me,
how is that water
supposed to flow freely again
with all that crap
blocking its path?

Whoever wrote that adage
never experienced a flood....

Charlotte Ozment is a homesteading Texan on several acres full of devas, dogs and squirrels. She was a lifelong manual writer who is joyously devoting her retirement to right-brained pursuits.

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