Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sudeep Adhikari - Two Poems

Tree is a Fractalscape

A shape of silence stands green
on the skeletal wood-bones
and the other day, it wept
the entire sky, criss-crossed clouds
and her thunderous
lightening gloom.
A tree is the shortest distance
between two infinities,
she is not a straight line.
Above and beneath, ether and soil
a songster tree, sweetly conjures
the ancient alchemy
of "coniunctio Oppositorium".
a deathless God, resides in a finite flesh
fractal conjoined.

Grunge and Conscience

Once I saw Stone Temple Pilots in Cleveland,
there I lied to an army friend, straight to her face
that she was fighting
in Middle-East for democracy and peace .
we preserved our individual illusions
and continued enjoying
the coked-out antics of Scott Wieland
may his deceased soul rest in peace;
Born in California, died in a tour bus 12/03/2015
Grunge is dead; as dead as the conscience of Kathmandu,
Washington and other self-delusional Atlantes.

Sudeep Adhikari, from Kathmandu Nepal, is professionally a PhD in Structural-Engineering. He lives in Kathmandu with his wife and family and works as an Engineering-Consultant.  His poetry has found place in many online literary journals/magazines, the recent being Kyoto (Japan), Scarlet Leaf Review (Canada) and Red Fez (USA). 

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