Thursday, October 29, 2015

Desi St. Amant - One Poem

The Words She Wore

When she first spoke,
words were leaden with bookish facts
sandwiched with rehearsed one-liners
like a stiff, over-sized suit: It was pressed,
it was clean
but could not conceal her slouch
and anxious smile,
with pointy shoulders
and boxed silhouette 
heaping years onto her youthful façade.
with practice and wheeling seasons
she continued her quest for knowledge
exploring the narratives of sages
uncovering truths from storytellers,
playing match-maker for her
ambitious neurons, phrases, and clauses.
soon, her words became a
faded, well-worn band t-shirt
fitting her like a glove
mapping the unchartered curves, twists and turns
                                              she always knew her mind held.

Desi is a new writer, and her work is inspired by the countless people who have touched her life somehow: loved ones, complete strangers, and estranged acquaintances. Currently, Desi teaches 9th grade English and 12th grade AP Literature in Southern California, where she lives with her artist husband and two adventurous little boys.

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