Thursday, July 23, 2015

Raymond Keen - One Poem

In The Caked Meat Of Our Circumstance
On graduation day
We vomit in our plates.
For years we had eaten our skin
So we could obtain membership
On the Skin-Eating Committee.
We had completed our studies
To determine if gravity is weakening.
A cannibal God,
Our studies had shown,
Is in a coma until December.
Using giant mirrors,
Gay theater critics
With poison egos
Had reviewed the War.
Standing on Frankenstein’s shoulders,
We developed a good vocabulary.
Hence, bald American women
Skinning the monkeys alive
In the hospital,
Or Dr. Teller
Playing the piano
Over the H-Bomb site,
Is the new paradigm.
If we’re right,
Then all of this means nothing.
Raymond Keen was educated at Case Western Reserve University and the University of Oklahoma.  He spent three years as a Navy clinical psychologist with a year in Vietnam.  Since that time he has worked as a school psychologist.  Love Poems for Cannibals was published in 2013.  His play, The Private and Public Life of King Able, will be published in 2015. 

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