Friday, June 12, 2015

Autumn Meier - One Poem


I tried to capture you the other day—
To put your love into words, to
Describe the fire coursing through
Your veins.  Of course you’re fire;
Lovely things are rarely anything but.

Yet the bonfires are too tame, fireworks
Too explosive, the fireplace too
Homely and the firecracker too loud.

Then I thought of magma, of that scorching
Potential residing just below the earth’s
Surface, pulsating with the heat of a
Thousand suns, and I knew it was you,
To most.

To me?
You’re lava.

You’re the heat seeping from long-hardened
Scars. You’re the fire licking up dry and
Crumbling wood. You’re the intense force
Moving mountain rock and sea.  You’re the
Private display only I can witness.

You’re more than potential to me:
You’re the ever-felt eruption.

Autumn Meier is a graduate student of Southwestern University in Waxahachie, Texas. she currently resides in Illinois, where she is preparing to leave for Kiev, Ukraineto implement a writing program.

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