Sunday, May 3, 2015

Joel Best - One Poem

Halfway There

my first night in the new world
a storm marches in from beyond the gray mountains
perhaps from as far as the sea of red glass
the wind speaks in tongues
the green moon is full
the storm maneuvers like angry soldiers
this tempest is a search for conquest
i’m lucky to be inside a tent
when the first raindrops fall
i am safe within a protective sheathe
listening as the wind
thrashes in frustration
the tent swells and shrinks
a laboring lung
the storm outside
attempts to rearrange reality
weather is an artist
painting the earth with unfathomable brush
hoping to paint me as well
into a composition some might find

Joel Best has published in venues such as Atticus, decomP, Autumn Sky and Quick Fiction. He lives in upstate New York with his wife and son. He is the author of the collections “The Dogs Are Gone,” “Timeline,” “12 White Lies,” available at Smashwords.

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