Thursday, April 23, 2015

Christopher Steven Seymore - Two Poems

Tying a Strong Knot

To pull it taut
snug rubber wrapped wire
to test the anchor
deeply seated, sheetrock and stud
You have to
give no flying fiddle sticks
the mess you leave

On the cusp of winning   it’s
a hotel room
as close as you can stomach

Trite, burning the bacon
catching the last 58
shamed by your
waning curiosity
If she didn’t bite so hard
I might have avoided
spilling into another world

Having found impotence
pressed cold like tile against my face
I retire to soak and
toss around the failure
of over starched linens


Patterns burned into the
soiled top of my black possibilities
the origin of the tender

The unabashed psychic power of twenty-three
thirteen-year-old boys praying  to go blind.

The blue beast that lives under my bed—
his tongue is smooth and unabated.

The rattling of a fly against
the brainpan.

Feet on cold linoleum.

I say, listen baby just spread
copper  legs and do what
hummingbirds do.

          boots   bring out
                                     your hips.

Christopher Steven Seymore is a writer and musician and resides in the great Houston, Texas.  He graduated from The University of Pittsburgh. He has no living heir.

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