Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wanda Morrow Clevenger - Two Poems

Pockets Full of Posey
There is no saving your daughters from
after school villains, their pockets full
of posey;
daughters will follow these boys anywhere,
try anything to prove they're not children
a hand will press against the back of your
daughter's head, and her eyes shut, she will
grow up anyhow.

The Poet
the poet shouts piety––
how learned is sidewalk stank
how some piss gold
while he zips up
leans on laurels
laid down for twelve
Wanda Morrow Clevenger lives in Hettick, IL – population 200, give or take.  She’s widely published with over 300 pieces of work in 114 print and online publications.  A full-length poetry manuscript is currently stalking unsuspecting presses.

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