Thursday, February 5, 2015

Parker Weston - Two Poems

Terminal Optimism

It was a bright and sunny day, and all throughout the land
flowers were burning and bleeding
all of the dehydrated fuzzy little creatures
slowed to a crawl before ceasing their futile struggle for happiness
their big cartoon eyes now as vacant and glassy as taxidermy
only the vultures and other scavengers of death
remained unscathed by the harshness
the overbearing dryness the scalding but cheery day brought with it
the scroungers made toys and games
out of the flesh and bones from the pieces
of the loveable little fluffy carcasses they couldn’t eat
starting to smolder on the searing fields
a jackal flew a rancid kite made from a bunny’s blistered hide
they frolicked and feasted long into the merry night
then slept peacefully like kings and queens without a single care
tomorrow, it looked, was going to be another wonderful day.

Six Word Stories

We visited the combustible genital exhibit.
Number 9, that's the fetus responsible.
Her helicopter wound is healing nicely.
The asshole doesn't need the head.
Preacher launches bible at possessed cripple.
Snack kid swallows dwarf stripper alive.
Claustrophobic astronaut needs to air out.
Blind cartoons never hear onomatopoeia coming.
Lunch lady's hands look like hamburger.
Which racing ambulance has bigger emergency?

Parker Weston is a multimedia artist residing in Mesa, Arizona (voted the most conservative big city in the United States) mainly focused on assemblage/sculpture. He has a comic strip, Animation Taxidermy, several short animations and musical project Stembreo, to boot.

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