Thursday, December 11, 2014

Scott Wozniak - One Poem

Someone’s Son is Sprawled Out
Bleeding Restitution
Execution rings, alongside
stale, gun barrel smoke
in my broken, bleeding ear.
Bewilderment and shock
jolts my head clockwise
as aftermath searching
places me eye level with
retributions apparatus
of un-Godly delivery.
I then look sideways
to see restitution,
methodically, bleed out
to mingle in gore
with New Year rain
that coats the grime
of crack rock stomped,
Tenderloin concrete.
Instinct, frantically, grabs hold
of my survival techniques,
and tosses my scarred body
behind a steel, jalopy bunker
that’s parked street side.
And the screams
flail upward on heavy wings
before the sirens
can even think to chime in...
Scott Wozniak is a 37 year old poet, short story writer, and chaos enthusiast that lives in Southern Oregon. His writing has appeared in Red Fez Magazine, Midnight Lane Boutique, and in print at, The Daily Tidings. If you would like to know more about him, please visit,

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