Sunday, December 28, 2014

Nathan Blan - One Poem

The Italienne

What were those sentences
I wrote for her and polished

again and again
what did those letters say exactly
the epistles that I never sent
but kept hidden
beneath my mattress until
I would take one out
to rewrite once more
while thinking of her
that girl with eyes like black olives
the exact sentences so much forgotten
I do not believe
even a hypnotist could help me
no matter how shiny his watch
and monotone his command to remember
those sentences cannot be recovered
so I might think on them
when I remember her
that girl with eyes like black olives
who I have not seen
in more than thirty years
and once heard died
in childbirth
long ago

Nathan Blan is 39 years old and lives in Kentucky. He shares a house with his sister, two nieces, four cats, and a dog. His hobbies include horology and reading Thomas Bernhard.

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