Thursday, November 6, 2014

Margaret Boles - One Poem

By The Weir Near the Townhall

The swan's head is red
rusty almost bloody
the long neck reaches
snake-like down
to the river silt
searching for food.
He almost, but not quite
uptails it, wrestling with
the mud, ~ I look left
to the Cathedral, right
to the thundering weir~
up at a patch of blue sky
try to count gulls, ducks,
geese as they blend in
to this picture, ~ unlike
the lone white swan
with the red rusty marks
on the crown of his head.

Margaret Boles has been writing poetry since 1996. Her work has been published in the small presses worldwide, including such places as Poetry Monthly UK, THE Moon, Labor of Love, and Metverse Muse. Margaret's book "The Eye of the Tiger" was published with Sanbun Press.

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