Monday, September 8, 2014

Donna J. Snyder - Two Poems

Shortest Distance Between Two Points

Fragments of photographs on the page
A walk along an uncharted path
The shortest distance between two points
not necessarily desired
A third point and we have a plane
The deus ex machina follows an earth eater
Graveled stone and mutilated plants
Masticated ash and dust falling from the god’s mouth
But matter can never be destroyed
only transformed
And it’s your duty as one of the chosen to walk
through this random chaos
Transform this momentary experience
through the mere act of observation
This hybrid moment
Part uncertainty principle
Part The Misfits
Give me a moment
Show me your eyes
Let the lies fall out of your mouth
Pieces of sky
Put my fingers on your scars
Piece together the fragmented photos
Give me this moment
This hybrid moment
Your consciousness
My consciousness
The shortest distance between two points
Connect the dots                               

Flayed Skin Spirals

                        “Think you’re escaping and run into yourself.”  James Joyce

Throat chakra knotted in barbed wire clots words
Strangled blue energy becomes blackened blood
Emanations of green become brown fetid detritus
Clenched fist in the chest
Sternum crushed to powder
A brutality ash gray
Smell of suppuration leads to suffocation
Flayed skin spirals in meaningless glyphs
Corpus nothing but a hole
Vortex of broken glass
Jagged metal mesh leads no where
Banal emotions horrify the voice into silence
Panic leads to eviscerating dread
A mouth gagged with cliché
Flesh-stripping sorrow
The no more
The no more

The no more      

Snyder is the author of Poemas ante el Catafalco:  Grief and Renewal, released by Chimbarazu Press in 2014.  Her chapbook, I Am South, was published by Virgogray Press in 2010.  NeoPoiesis Press will publish her collection, Three Sides of the Same Moon, in 2015.  She publishes often in VEXT Magazine and Red Fez and is a contributing poetry editor for Return to Mago.

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  1. Michael, thank you for publishing these two poems.I certainly hope this isn't the first time of thanked you.

    I hope you are well.