Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Amy L. George - Two Poems

Danza Acrobatica
The skin moves in ways
we do not understand.
Beauty begets beauty,
touch begets touch,
fluid movement a
monument to our
a twisted banner of red
encircles our love.

In early morning,
we rejoice to feel
the wind on our faces,
the sun on our shoulders. Alone,
we flow in waves of bliss, in
satin seas beneath the sky
whose topography
no man can chart.

*Ekphrastic poem based on "Danza Acrobatica" by Victoria Vera Rosado

Before the New Day

The night crept over the edges
of the earth, became a silk sheet
tossed into the sky
as we sat in the shadow of a chapel
dreaming pinpoint star dreams.

The gypsy wind murmured in my ear
of faith in darkness.
Lady Moon held her position
while small streaks of fire
circled her, danced in her room,
her children celebrating
the end of the day.

Two clouds embraced each other,
held us in their grasp.

One bore your name
and the other, mine.

They drifted near,
then together, all of us
paused, clutching unspoken
desire for the night,
the warm blanket ache of shadow,
the joy of faithful light.

Amy L. George is a Ph.D. candidate in Literature and Criticism at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing and is the author of Desideratum (Finishing Line Press, 2013), The Fragrance of Memory (Amsterdam Press, 2010), and Sacred Fires and Ebullient Flames (Red Ochre Press, 2011). 

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