Thursday, August 7, 2014

Trish Saunders - Two Poems

Belief Systems

At 13, a terrifying and holy age,
I believed life offers tentacles for greatness
to everyone.

It doesn't.

I am older now than Bobby Kennedy, Gilda Radner,
Martin Luther King, John Lennon.
All my poor dead heroes--
why did I picture you as lanterns in the sky?
You are the blackness behind the stars.

Catalog of Obsolete Lonely Sounds

First, the old-fashioned dial tone,
zenith of nothingness.
Who invented that?  

the not-quite silent radio 
after Country K.A.R.L's
sign-off prayer.

blues singer fading to needle hiss
as the victrola winds down
in an empty room.

at the tone the time will be
three a.m.

Trish Saunders worked as a journalist, technical editor, and caregiver for her parents before she began writing poems. She lives in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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