Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thom Woodruff - One Poem

New You

Change changes every one of us.
From those active enough to participate
through the witnessing of witnesses
and the cynicism of cynics,
no one path is clear enough;
so many roads to give.
Problems have been itemized,
solutions categorized.
Coal? Solar? Nuclear?
(There is an energy crisis.)
Corporate corpses float exchanges
trying to revive dead marketing strategies.
Solutions are not consumption
(which once was a disease)--more celebration
of diversities so we can live at, instead of over, 
ease with wild, feral, free in habitats 
we have no power over.Old slogans were a start:
"REDUCE, RE-USE, RECYCLE" now becomes
Co-operatives, community--this means "WE,"
and it will take all of all of us to get 
together in this present moment!

Thom Woodruff is a man of many names and of much poetry. He lives in Austin, TX where he writes and supports poetry at large. He has a book forthcoming from Virgogray Press. 

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