Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Subhankar Das - One Poem

Bukowski Smoked Bidis

Bukowski never wanted to be
here in India
though he smoked bidis
making the same mistakes
as the others did.
India is not what you find
in travel magazines
or any country
for that matter.
Human beings are human beings after all
with their lust and cowardice
wherever they are on this planet
a map overlapping maps.
He got the buzz
He got the whiff of the poor man’s tobacco
but he never wanted to be here
though Bukowski smoked bidis.

 Subhankar Das is a poet,  bookstore owner, and publisher of Bangla experimental material. He produced six short films that have been honored at international film festivals, and has translated
the works Allen Ginsberg and Charles Bukowski into Bangla. A new chap book of poems 'Thieves of the Wind'  jointly with Catfish McDaris is out from Writing Knights and a May poem is also included in the Silver Birch Press May Anthology.

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