Friday, February 22, 2013

Lisa Pelligrini - Two Poems

Amber Premonitions

Bloody pieces of yesterday
pick me up,
shaking off shards
of demons draped in

amber premonitions.
Jumbles of colors wrap
around each other
to create rubber band

balls that
I pray,

not knowing for what.
I adhere to invisible shapes.
Pieces of tomorrow
will triumph.

What Lies Ahead

The crevices around my eyes
take me to places
I might only see
in the kinds of dreams
that render my body limp
when I awake.
The valleys form a maze on my face,
invisible to everyone but me.
It continues down to my throat,
where it constricts my breathing
while teaching me
and warning me
about what lies ahead.

Lisa Pellegrini is a graduate of Beaver College (now Arcadia University) with a Bachelor's degree in English. In 2005, she wrote and self-published a romantic mystery novel, Kiss the Devil Goodbye, through Borders' Personal Publishing program. She has written and published over 160 poems and short stories on, a collaborative writers' website.

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