Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ben Newell - One Poem

Kills Roaches Dead

when I was a young writer I used to read my work to friends and family with favorable response
now I realize they were just being nice
as even thinking about those pieces is so humiliating and degrading
I have to get wasted to forget I ever penned such imbecilic garbage
isn’t the word
for the swill I churned out back then . . .  
these days, I read to nobody
unless you count the apt. walls
the dead cockroach on my kitchen floor
whose demise had absolutely nothing
to do
with my last reading
I swear

Ben Newell is a native of Jackson, Mississippi where he works as a clerk at the Wilson Library/Millsaps College.  A fiction writer for most of his adult life, he recently diverted his efforts to poetry. Ben likes cold gin and hot weather.  

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